Green Roof Trays System GS508,GS512,GS520

green roof tray

Stormwater Management Solution is not only using land dependent solution on the ground, but also on the rooftop. GS Green roof trays system acts much like a sponge an retains a lot of water when a green roof is dry; however absorb very little water when it’s saturated from a recent rainfall. Each modular green roof system contains a complete hierarchy of green roof systems, including drainage, rain retention, filtration, growth media and plants.

Item No: GF508, GF512, GF520
Dimension: L:500mm, W:500mm, H:80mm,120mm,200mm
Material: 100% Recycled Polypropylene
Components: Plastic planter, cotton fibre and grid panel
Usage: widely used in rooftop, square, garden and park


Green Roof  Trays System with wide advantage:

  • *GS Vegetation Green Roof module is simple in design, simple to install, simple to maintenance and repair.
  • *The module is mounted directly on the roof's waterproofing system, providing protection against UV and thermal fluctuations.
  • *A common cause of water-repellent degradation.
  • *An additional protection can double or triple the useful life of the waterproof system.
  • *Reduced heating and cooling costs.
  • *Rainwater c; noise reduction; and habitat creation.

Whether it's rehabilitating gardens, urban oasis, or vegetable/herb beds, the Vegetation Green Roof Trays has the flexibility to use our standard and mixed planting methods, from a wide variety of plantings to intensive plantings to achieve a variety of designs. GS green roof modules can be planted on site with pre-vegetated mats or pre-planted and grown into a mature green roof during installation.

Green Roof Modular

FAST AND EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The raised garden planters can be seamlessly pieced together to any size you need and help to build a wonderful garden in your yard or roof.No tools required! assembles in minutes
SPECIAL DESIGN: The garden boxes with crisscross water slot and filtration be able to balance drought and water-logging.
DURABLE:UV-Protected Polyethylene. This garden box will not rot, crack or peel. No risk of water leakage, if you put them on your roof or balcony.
DIY GARDEN: This raised garden bed can be used to make your own green roofs, rooftop garden, living roof, balcony or your mini garden at anywhere you want. Plastic garden trays can easily be added to any yard and roof. Multiple expansion options are available.

GF508  500x500x80mm

GS508 Green Roof Tray
GS508 Green Roof Modular

GF512 500x500x120mm

GF512 Green Roof Tray
GF512 Green Roof Modular

GF520 500x500x200mm

GF520 Green Roof Tray
GF520 Green Roof Modular

1. Adopting 100% recycled polyethylene as the raw material, which ensures the high-temperature resisting, acid-resisting, alkali-resisting and long lasting service.
2. Owning two sets of irrigation system at one planter: 1). the bottom box storage the water, the cotton fiber can absorb and convey the water. 2). infiltrating irrigation or drop irrigation.
3. The features of modularization and structuralization make it easy assembled and quick disassembled and can create different designs.
4. The planter has the functions of water storage-drainage, infiltrating irrigation, rainwater collection and reuse,making the best use of every drop.
5. With a small pedestal under the bottom, the planter is in an aerial state, which contributes to ventilating, draining and blocking high-temperature.

green roof modular tray system